Cash2ME is a Cash management software for J2ME capable handhelds written in J2ME. It allows you to track your expenses on your handheld using categories, like "Food", "Fuel", "Clothes", "Gadgets", "Wallet", "Bank". Once the categories are defined, you can attach cash transactions to those categories.

For example:
7/5/04: I took 200$ from my Bank and put them in my Wallet.
7/6/04: I took 50$ from my Wallet to buy Clothes.
7/6/04: I took 3$ from my Wallet to buy Food.

Once you have some cash transactions set, you can connect your handheld to your computer and sync the transactions with your computer. Cash2ME supports QIF export, therefore you can import the collected data in any major Money management progam GNUCash, Quicken and others (yes MSMoney, too).

Main features are:
- Customizable Categories
- QIF export
- IRDA, RS232, USB (OTA will be there soon) connectivity
- Stored transactions overview

License: GPL LogoSourceForge project page

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